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Gongura Rice - Gongura rice is tasty and easiest recipe among all rice recipes. Normal rice or basmathi rice can be used to make this gongura rice. We just need sorrel leaves(gongura leaves) and all other ingredients are readily available.

There are a variety of rice dishes are made in Indian cuisine. This is one among them.

Let's now quickly checkout the ingredients and preparation of this gongura rice.

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Ingredients Required
  • Gongura - 1/2bunch
  • Cashews - 8 to 10
  • Basmathi Rice or Normal Rice - 1cup
  • Salt - 1 1/2tsp
  • Chanadal - 1tsp
  • Uraddal - 1tsp
  • Mustard seeds -1/2tsp
  • Green chillies - 3 chopped
  • Red chillies - 4
  • Peanuts - 1tbsp

1. The very 1st step for any rice recipe is to cook rice and let it cool completely. Any rice can be used, here I'm using normal rice cooked for 4whistles in pressure cooker.

2. For 1 cup rice I'm using half bunch of sorrel leaves. Leaves should be taken based on the leaves sour taste. Add into pan and fry it.

3. Turns like this, then turn off the stove and let it cool.

4. Add it into a mixi jar and grind into fine paste.

5. Add oil into heated pan.

6. Let it heat up and add red chillies, chanadal,uraddal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, green chillies, cashews, peanuts and fry for 2 to 3mins.

7. Now add curry leaves and fry for a minute.

8. Then add grounded sorrel leaves paste and saute for a minute.

9. Add cooked rice and salt and mix all together.

10. Now gongura rice is ready to serve.


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