Homemade Multani Mitti Soap


In this article, let us see how to prepare multani mitti soap. 

Multani Mitti is a natural wonder for your skin owing to its skin healing, improving and nourishing properties. Multani mitti adds natural oils to your skin nourishing it from within & making it glow naturally. 

Whether you have dry, dull or acne-prone skin, a multani mitti soap is a sure fire skin saviour. It is an excellent skin cleansing agent, ridding your skin of dirt, oil and grime while its high absorbing properties leave the skin feeling soft and radiant. Multani mitti soap is highly effective no matter what your skin concern so make sure to include them in your daily skin care routine.

It's used as an effective Ayurvedic beauty treatment to make your skin radiant and appealing by getting rid of blemishes and acne scars. From reducing dark spots to improving the overall skin texture and complexion, multani mitti has a solution for all skin problems.

Benefits of Multani Mitti
  • Multani Mitti is known to fight acne and pimples.
  • Removes excess sebum and oil.
  • Deep cleanses skin removing dirt, sweat and impurities.
  • Evens out skin tone and brightens complexion.
  • Treats tanning and pigmentation.
  • Effective in treating sunburn, skin rashes and infections (multani mitti is an effective cooling agent)

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It is very easy to make multani mitti soap at home. I mentioned every ingredient and process clearly below. If u have any doubt pls check below video. So lets check out the ingredients required to prepare multani mitti soap.

Now let's get started the process of making alovera soap at home. I am sharing my Youtube video here so it would be easy for you to follow
Ingredients Required
  • Soap Base
  • Coconut oil – 1tbsp
  • Alovera gel – 3 or 4drops
  • Vitamin – E capsule
  • Multani mitti powder – 2tsp
  • Soap Mould
    1. Boil Water in low heat
    2. Add mutani mitti powder,coconut oil, alovera gel, vitamin – E capsule, mix and keep aside
    3. Now chop soap base into small pieces, melt soap using double boiler method on stove or microwave for 30secs
    4. Now add multani mitti mixture into soap and mix for 2mins
    5. Grease soap making mould with coconut oil and transfer soap into mould or you can use small steel bowls also in place of soap making mould.
    6. Chill for 15mins in deep fridge
    7. 15mins later soap is ready to use

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