Homemade Papaya Soap


Benefits of Papaya on skin - Food you consume has different impacts on your skin health. There are a lot of foods that can support your skin and provide you with flawless skin. Fruits are filled with vital nutrients and different properties that are beneficial for the health of your skin.

Papaya is another fruit filled with health benefits as well as beauty benefits. You should apply that to your routine in skincare. You may have noticed that the papaya extract market includes several skincare items because it is extremely beneficial for your skin. Papaya possesses good antioxidant properties. It is also high in vitamin C that is beneficial to the skin, too. Papaya comprises an enzyme called papain that is beneficial both to overall health and to the skin.

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What happens when you use papaya on skin:

1. Papaya will give the skin moisture that can help you battle dry and flaky skin. Daily use of papaya for the skin will help you achieve smooth and radiant skin.

2. Using papaya you can counter the symptoms of ageing. This can cut down on wrinkles and other signs of ageing. It will also kill dead skin cells and regulate pigmentation.

3. This amazing fruit will help you remove tan. Papain and vitamin A and C help to lighten the skin tone and prevent tanning.

4. Using papaya for skin will help combat acne, too.

5. Dark circles are another issue which can help you with papaya

6. Papaya can decrease acne and skin problems

How To use papaya on skin:

You can just rub it on the skin is the simple process. But if u make a soap with papaya it will be easy to use daily. In this post i'm going to share the preparation of papaya soap at home. Now get into the recipe. I am sharing my Youtube video here so it would be easy for you to follow

I mentioned every ingredient and process clearly below. If u have any doubt pls check below video. So lets check out the ingredients required to prepare papaya soap.

Ingredients Required
  • Soap Base
  • Coconut oil – 1tbsp
  • Alovera gel – 3 or 4drops
  • Vitamin – E capsule
  • Papaya pieces - 1cup(8 to 10 pieces)
  • Soap mould
All the ingredients are available in amazon. You can buy them from here.

1. Boil Water in low heat.

2. Add papaya pieces into mixi jar and grind to fine paste and keep aside.

3. Now add papaya paste,coconut oil, aloevera gel, vitamin e capsule into a bowl, mix well and keep aside.

4. Now chop soap base into small pieces.

5. Melt soap using double boiler method on stove or microwave for 30secs.

6. Now add papaya paste mixture into soap and mix for 4 to 5 mins so that soap is mixed with this papaya paste perfectly.

7. Grease soap making mould with coconut oil and transfer soap into mould or you can use small steel bowls also in place of soap making mould.

8. Chill for 15 to 20mins in deep fridge.
9. 20mins later soap is ready to use.

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